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There are two main ways to display projects on your website – a project portfolio and a gallery page. On the surface they might seem quite similar, but they have a big impact on the value of your website.

A gallery page, where you display images of your best work on a single page might look nice, but it doesn’t harness the true value of your project’s content.

A much better approach is to set up your website with a project portfolio, where each project has its own page, with information about the project and a gallery specific to each project.

This achieves a few very important things, but mainly it allows you to provide information about the project. What this means is that you’re providing more content for not only visitors, but you’re also providing more text for Google to find you.

On a full project page you can add a project description, a location, client brief, budget, timeframe and more. All of this is real content. If you search for “Sydney home stainless steel”, a project page that lists all those keywords will be ranked higher than a single image on a gallery page with no text.

Need help setting up a project portfolio on your website? Get in touch and we’ll see how we can help you out.